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About Juliet Sewing Factory

At Juliet Sewing Factory,

"we see how things go together". Through hard work, we bring our client's big ideas into reality. Count on us to provide excellent service, every step of the way. 

Board Room at Juliet Sewing Factory

What do We specialize in?

At Juliet Sewing Factory, we have partnered with numerous companies across PNW. Our expertise extends to a wide range of specialties, including soft goods, PPE, industrial bags, the medical field, custom outdoor covers, military applications, and more. With our experience and dedication to quality, we are ready to meet the diverse needs of our clients. 

The Juliet Sewing Factory Team

Our Talented Team

At our factory, our skilled seamstresses bring a wealth of experience to our production process. We believe in a supportive work environment that values the contributions of each team member. Together, we take pride in providing high-quality service through our craftsmanship.

Front door to Juliet Sewing Factory
CEO of Juliet Sewing Factory

Juliet Revenko

CEO - Sewing Manufacturer




Where Did it all Start?





During my time at College in Balti, Moldova, my passion for sewing and designing blossomed. I continued to grow my skills which shaped my craft today.

At the Rada Textile Factory in Balti, Moldova, I had the opportunity to apply the sewing design skills I acquired during my time in college, marking the beginning of my journey into manufacturing

Soon after arriving in the United States, I started contracting sewing work for many local manufacturers here in Vancouver, Washington. I started with a small workshop in my duplex office, but as the number of sewing machines grew, I eventually ran out of space.

I took all my sewing machines and teamed up with talented seamstresses that I met during my contract sewing years and proudly created Juliet Sewing Factory in a small office on St Johns. As three years flew by, our growth led us to outgrow that space too, allowing us to relocate to a larger facility just down the road, where we continue to manufacture to this day.

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