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Our Process

Meeting at Juliet Sewing Factory


Contact Us!

Please email us and share a brief description of the product and optionally, attach a filled-out customer intake form to help us get a better idea. We will respond to your email as quickly as we can to schedule a follow-up meeting.



Before the meeting, if available, we request you to bring a sample of the product, along with any instructions on how to create the sample presented. If a sample is not provided, our designer can collaborate closely with you to create a prototype. During the meeting, we will discuss any details including pricing, quantity, material sourcing, and delivery date.



Upon reaching a pricing agreement, we request an initial payment of 50% upfront, with the remaining balance due upon completion of production. Our team is committed to meeting the expected due date for your project. Once the product is ready for delivery, you will receive an invoice outlining the final payment details. 

Juliet Sewing Factory Services

One of our professional seamstresses
Stack Cutting at Juliet Sewing Factory
Laser Cutting at Juliet Sewing Factory

Mass Production Sewing

With our skilled team, we ensure consistent craftsmanship for

large-scale production projects.

Cut Material

Whether you need precise patterns, templates, or bulk material cutting, our team provides professional service

Laser Cut Fabric

Our laser cutter provides precise cutting for a wide range of fabrics, allowing for detailed patterns.

CNC Cutting Machine
Image by Anthony Roberts
Snap Cap Machine

Die & CNC Cutting Capabilities

Through our connections, we can offer die & and CNC cutting services that can be used in your project

Silk Screening

Through our connections, we offer a network of Screen Printing Partners to provide a stylish finish to your products

Snap Caps

Our Snap Cap Press offers precise attachment of snap caps to various materials, providing a secure finish for your products.

Meeting at Juliet Sewing Factory
Pattern Making at Juliet Sewing Factory

Material Sourcing

Through our established connections in the Pacific Northwest, we can provide you with the materials you need for your next project.

Pattern Making

Our team's attention to detail allows us to create meticulous patterns that ensure precise and efficient fabric cutting for your project


From creation to shelf, our factory will have everything taken care of. Trust us to package your product and make it ready for display

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